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Auto Insurance Repair




The core of L.A. STREET CUSTOMS is the capabilities of our Classic & Custom Insurance Repair. Primarily known for our classic restoration and custom modifications, having the knowledge of this type of work allows us to maneuver more efficiently and effectively when facing the duty of repairs than most other shops. The knowledge and craftsmanship goes beyond certification and deep into the test of experience and knowledge. This is the value that L.A. STREET CUSTOMS provides. 


The quote "Cars aren't what they used to be" holds evident when repairing a Classic. Thicker gauges of medal and a deeper understanding to diagnose problems are all areas that require skill and experience. Classics require time and attention to detail, the demands many shops wish not to dedicate because of its lack thereof or because of its difficulty. What others find impossible, we find easily manageable. Our classic restoration and classic repair takes place within our facility in North Hollywood, California. From bending, shaping, cutting, or refabricating; L.A. STREET CUSTOMS does it all. Capable of handling Insurance repair of carbon fiber, for example exotics, fiberglass, such as drag or the first series corvette, and thick gauges of medal, like all classics, make us valuable to the market place, our customer, and the insurance companies of our clientele. 


Moving forward from the exterior portion, we understand things can go very wrong internally. Because of this we work directly with our in house upholstery. Nothing but the best go into your classic, and to keep that standard going, we exclusively have a business relationship with the best upholsterer in the west coast of the United States, Ish. With many tv releases and products on the road, please visit the Ish page on our website for more information on how you can get upholstery done by the best in Los Angeles, if not the world.   


Aside from upholstery comes a very vital and common problem among classics. Electrical. If those brake lights are not working or the gauges are not communicating and displaying properly, there is most likely an electrical issue.  





The #1 rule to diagnosing problems is to understand: If something is not working on a classic, It is either broken, out of tune or not making proper contact and must be re-calibrated or replaced. With this mindset, any problem, mechanically and electronically can be repaired!


Moving forward from Classics, we also have our custom Insurance Repair. Custom designs are very unique and treated by a case by case basis due to the amount of money and labor hours one invests to achieve their vehicle goals. When repairing a vehicle for Insurance purposes, we find that most insurance companies cannot evaluate proper estimates due to their personal or technological lack of providing accurate numbers and hours in custom work. In the event that your custom car is involved in a collision, it is best to place it in the hands of L.A. STREET CUSTOMS to provide the best accuracy for your estimate to ensure the Insurance Company does not give you less than you deserve or place an estimate so high it returns to you as a total loss and no longer worth as much as you invested. Proper valuation is key to Custom Insurance Repair.


 Exotics and Tuners are a whole different animal. Requiring more fiberglass and carbon fiber work, we tend to find the most important aspect to repairing Exotics and Tuners is the pre-fit process.  Molding the body kits, fiberglass or carbon fiber into place to match body lines and create balanced measurements is key. Nothing less than excellent attention to detail, patience and understanding of the application process is the  key to a successful repair at L.A. Street Customs. 


Aside from the non-traditional everyday vehicle, we cater consistently on our traditional and fleet vehicles. Our expertise in working with more difficult cars allow us to achieve great success in the repairs of traditional vehicles with Insurance Repair. Vehicles that come from a production line are often held with slight imperfections many automobile owners do not see or notice, but we do. Taking care of these small details presents a strong foundation for success. From Trailers to Flat Bed packages, there are very few things too big or too small to handle at L.A. STREET CUSTOMS.


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