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     Welcome to L.A. STREET CUSTOMS! Located in North Hollywood, California, L.A. STREET CUSTOMS is your primary restoration facility that can attend to all your restoration needs in Southern California. Serving primarily the Los Angeles area, we service all American Classic Cars our clients have to offer. Our corporation finds that the most important aspect to a successful corporation and restorations is the relationship and various degrees of services we can provide to our our customers. 


     Our company is proud to provide full frame off restoration on all Classic and Vintage makes and models. Capable of restoring automobiles back to its" Era Correct" state, we have a library of documentation that provide specifications very few websites or online forums can provide. If our clients are interested in restomods, no problem, our company encourages our clients to pursue their interest in producing a restomod for their classic. We offer our knowledge and experience during appointments to ensure you get your car to where you want it to be. L.A. Street Customs strongly believes in the theory of Classic Restoration for a Modern Generation. 


L.A. STREET CUSTOMS applies the attention to detail required to achieve the results our customers desire. From color codes to factory interior stitching and engine suit, all details matter. Starting from the soul and working our way out, our step by step process ensures no compromise in achieving a mint Restoration by L.A. STREET CUSTOMS.


 If in the area, feel free to stop by to see our current projects and ask questions about your own. We understand that this industry is difficult for customers to choose a restoration shop becuase you dont know what you'll get when leaving your car, but feel assured, when you walk in to our facility, you will see the products we produce and possibly speak to the customers who own these cars. Our clients are our true testament and are very close to us due to the importance of attending to their vision and their requests. With that said, we are in constant collaboration with our clients and our clients are always in our office or in the area. 


A brief description of the restoration process is explaing in the following:

First, we begin with taking the body down to metal and disassembling all pieces of the vehicle. Any rust or body waves and dents will be taken care of at this time. Second, we proceed in ensuring the vehicle is mechanically ready and functioning properly to factory standards or to the standards you set. If a motor is not installed, we test the engine on a stand prior to installation. Third, we move to finalize any body work and prep each individual piece for paint. Using PPG products to ensure 100% accuracy, refinishing commences either in a single stage or two stage process. Fourth, Interior is completed while running any wiring harness or electrical components. Finally, Reinstallation of parts, color sand, buff and a full detail wash are completed prior to delivery.  




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