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     Tailoring to the needs of our customers, L.A. Street Customs dedicates our staff to achieving nothing less than the highest standards for your vehicle. Capable of creating dreams into a reality, we take into deep consideration the desires of our customers and the detail to which the vehicle will express. A vehicle is more than a method of transportation, its an expression of us, our identification. Specifics such as attitude, color, depth of color, accents, pearls, metalics, single stage, two stage are all taken into account to achieve the exterior image. We still have the various subjects such as suspension, interior, lighting, motor, transmission, wheels, tires and the list goes on and on. A list that is covered no matter how extensive you wish to customize your vehicle. 


     L.A. Street Customs is a one stop shop in the Los Angeles area. Considered as the best in North Hollywood, California, L.A. Street Customs is growing in a magnitude far greater than expected in the Los Angeles area. Dedicating our services to all, we are capable of receiving and coordinating with our clientele within other countries and states in between. With our work speaking for itself, our social media is updated as daily as possible to showcase to the public the capabilities and craftsmanship that can be completed within our facility. Working solely with the best, we do not cut corners and we do not settle less than a satisfied customer. We always recommend our potential clients to visit our corporation to see our current projects before creating the leap of getting into one themselves. With constant projects in the shop, we can give you a tour and thorough explanation of the work being completed, and, at most times, have you speak with the owner of the cars on their personal experiences while their cars are in our hands. The owners are there at most times to document their projects and enjoy the sight of their dreams coming to life. We highly encourage this experience and argue nothing less! So please, call, schedule an appointment or come on in during your break to see what is going on at L.A. Street Customs! 


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