The Lexus Corporate Mission Statement speaks nothing less than the intentions and final product when discussing about the work that went into the Lexus LS 460. Completed within 3 days, L.A. STREET CUSTOMS, Cali Custom Motorsports and Royal Auto Designs placed nothing short of knowledge, experience, passion and time to this design. 


   Prepared for the BET AWARDS in 2015, this Lexus LS 460 Presidential Edition vehicle was completed with the following:


Custom Body & Paint

  • One off body kit contributed by 360 Designs

  • Savinni Manufactured Custom Wheels

  • Elite Performance Toyo Tires

  • Complete Black Out Trim and Light Lenses

Custom Interior

  • The upholstery was completed by the well reknown Ish, from many T.V. releases. Incorporating a black suede with burghandy red line accents. 

Electrical and Audio Fabrications

  • 36" screen T.V. remotely wired to pop up from the center of the trunk through a flush mounted hatch door. Capable of moving up and down within a matter of seconds, this feature won the hearts of many.

  • That's not all! Along with the pop up T.V. came a fully functional and state of the art Karaoke Machine. Setting the tone for the BET Awards, the Karoke Machine includded many of the BET Awards Nominee favorites and a multi television diplay on the headrests.